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November Bison Reporter

Save these dates on your calendar:

November 9 Early Release 1:30 PLC work day for teachers

November 10 Veteran's Day Program 9:00 A.M. 3rd-5th grades 1st Semester Performance

November 16 Doughnuts for Dads 7:30-8:00 Join your student for breakfast in the lunchroom

November 17 Fall Fun Night 5:00-7:00 Bison Center Food, Games, and more

November 22 Bison Interest Days 2nd-5th (during the school day) Students choose an interest based on teacher's hobbies or interests they wanted to teach to students

November 28 K-12 Parent Forum

December 14 K-2 Music Program 2:45 PM Bison Center

December 21 Early Release 1:30 End of quarter

December 22-January 2 Winter Break

January 3 Welcome Back