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January 22, 2023

Dear K-5 Bison Parents and Families,

            In response to the recent article in the newspaper, I want to send you a message from the Counselor:            

I am writing you today to express my sincere apologies for the December elementary guidance lessons over Fairness. Each month, we cover a new pillar of Character Counts Curriculum to encourage personal development of our youth. During this lesson, against better judgement, I deviated away from the curriculum provided and talked about different aspects of life that are not fair with an intent to encourage students to use empathy and understanding towards others.

The administrators nor the school board had no knowledge of my lesson, and I failed to seek approval and guidance from them on how to go about approaching such a sensitive topic. My lesson was not a reflection of the Character Counts Curriculum, Hot Springs School District, Administrators or Hot Springs School Board. As, I reflect I can understand how my approach and delivery for this lesson was inappropriate on many levels. I understand and take blame for my actions.


            ~Brittany Pieke M.Ed. NCC

Hot Springs K-8 Counselor


To ensure more accountability and transparency with our Character Counts curriculum that was adopted by the school board and to be carried out by the staff, I plan to do the following:

  • Controversial issues must first obtain the endorsement of the principal as stated in Board Policy INB
  • Selection of developmentally appropriate videos will be viewed by the principal prior to showing to students
  • Staff will utilize lessons from the Character Counts website or Zones of Regulation to address character development and social, emotional, learning. You can search for lessons on the right-hand side by topic & value.
  • Videos will be shared on ClassDojo & website for the pillar that is being presented each month.

Ms. Pieke is a great addition to our district this year as she helps to continue to build our counseling program to help address student needs. She builds strong relationships with students and staff to address the many struggling issues that face youth today and helps to provide tools and strategies that will help them in the day-to-day challenges they face in the classroom as well as the community.

            Despite her error in judgement of this lesson, I believe she has learned from the situation and will seek guidance in the future from administration. If you have any questions or want further clarification, please contact me via e-mail, phone, or meeting. Together we help students reach the district’s mission of Work, Learn, Achieve, and Celebrate.



Abby Karn                                       

Elementary Principal